Our executives have over 15 years experience producing for ITV, BBC, and a number of Pan African platforms mainly entertainment programming spanning across Talk shows, magazine style programming, documentary’s, reality TV filmed in over 30 countries and drama. Producing and executive producing engaging, riveting, quality, original content is at the heart of our productions.


A strand of programming under the “BEST OF AFRICA” banner to reflect the premium African centric programming we produce for an international audience.

Through our Best Of Africa strand we have also set up a unit that develops, produces and distributes programming hosted and or produced by our definition of the modern African woman.

Some of our key landmark shows represent this ethos.

The African woman is a powerful consumer whose values are driven by her ethnic culture and ethical core. Through our stories, whether in editorial format or video format we are connected. Storytelling is an art.

Your brand can sponsor content we’ve already produced or we can create a brand new story for you. All of our stories are amplified socially and can be syndicated across our network.