We consult, develop and execute strategic campaigns on behalf of brands and a number of award winning international film and TV personalities:

This is what will truly connect your brand with our audience. Whether through an experiential moment, or product tutorial, newsletter, e-blast, or simple giveaway the one thing you can count on is IFACTORY delivering to the audience that you are looking for.  We partner with our content creators on many levels and consumer events is definitely one of them. You will always know exactly what you are getting and who you are reaching.

Our Community Influencers can have an anywhere from 100k Followers to upwards of 5M Followers.

Our Celebrity Influencers are truly a group of amazing black women. Spanning across multiple categories in business and personal interest, this group of women have a sticky fan base and a ton of social power. They are loved by their followers and have built a positive social platform for brands to connect to their audience.


Branded Entertainment is more than product placement or product advertising – it’s a piece of entertainment wrapped around a specific storyline that aligns with the brands’ personality, image and message.

It’s a way for brands to connect more deeply and powerfully with their target audience while entertaining them. We create relevant, original compelling content that not only helps solve an everyday challenge or problem but delivers the brand as the solution to that challenge or problem.

Actress and TV host Joselyn Dumas covering all 3 covers of UK magazine New African Woman
Legendary luxury vehicle brand, Landrover, innovative skin care brand Skynergy MD, and award winning syndicated TV show, Making Of A Mogul have created a unique collaboration specially designed to expand the impact of African Entrepreneurship.
Unilver Knorr (Omotola Ekiende & Daughter campaign)
Dentaa Show Africa on Foxlife (Billboard campaign across Accra & Johannesburg)
Ghandour cosmetics Princess Paa